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Newsletter - Newsletter July, August and September 2018

Themes and Events
During the school holidays we will have a summer activities theme.

We will be discussing all summer activities, holiday destinations and places we can visit for the day.
In the role play area upstairs we will be creating a travel agency with passports, currency and brochures.  We will also be having a wooden caravan and pirate ship for them to play in. 

We will be discussing creatures which live in the sea.

If you are going away and bring anything home which the nursery children could see/use, all items would be greatly appreciated i.e coins, shells, flags etc.  If you have any seaside pictures of your children to discuss with the others this would be good.

We will continue this theme for September.  This will enable us to get to know any new children who are starting from September by discussing what they have done during the summer.

Suntan lotion
 If your child only attends for a few hours a day, if you could apply the cream before you arrive that would be much appreciated.
Most sun tan creams can be applied and they can then go outside immediately.  Please try to provide one of these to enable the children to have a full play time. Please label the bottle.

Once opened sun tan lotions have a shelf life of 12 months.  If you have provided lotion previously, we will require a new one for this year.

Clothing – Please ensure you name all items

The summer is now here and this provides extra opportunities for the children to play outside.  Playing, and getting dirty in the process, is a natural part of a child’s development and we would like to encourage them to enjoy the outdoors and explore nature.  Please do not send your child in their best clothes or shoes as they are very likely to get dirty.  We will not take responsibility for dirty clothing. Please provide a spare set of clothing in their bag so they can be changed before you collect.

We have over 50 children currently attending the nursery and it is very difficult for the staff to remember who was wearing and who brought what with them.  The easiest way to ensure your child’s clothing remains theirs is to put their name in every item of clothing (and their bag).  We know this can take some time but it is important.  We cannot be held responsible for missing items which are not named.

Memory from home sheets
It is great to receive completed “memory from home” sheets.  These help us to understand your child better and encourage their progression.  Please find one of these attached for completion when they have achieved anything new.

2 year checks
Once your child has turned 2 years old we are required to complete an assessment.  This consists of their personal, social and emotional development.  This needs to be completed before you have their 2 year check with a health visitor, and will take around 20 minutes.  This assessment needs to be arranged with your child’s keyworker.  A letter will be issued regarding this after their 2nd birthday.

Independence and Potty Training
We are here to assist you with this process, and if you have any routine you are using at home please let us know when you bring your child in.
Please bring plenty of spare pants, trousers/skirts, socks and a spare pair of shoes as we do not have the spare clothing available to use.
If you have any spares which have not been returned, or any clothing which you no longer need, we would be grateful to receive them.

Is your child leaving for September?
Please be aware, we do require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice for cancellation of a place.  If your child is leaving for school or school nursery and you have not returned the form, we do now need to know urgently to enable us to prepare for September 2018.

Request for items
If you have any pots or pans which you are considering throwing away, they would be gratefully received for use in our mud kitchen.
Any empty clear drinks bottles we would happily have, as we could turn them into sensory bottles. 
If you have any unwanted outdoor toys, or buckets and spades which are no longer of any use to you, we would be happy to have them.

Kind regards